AppExchange App Development

Let’s say you have an great idea for an app on AppExchange. Or you have an implementation in your current system that you believe can be generalized and packaged and reused by the Salesforce community. We are here to move your idea to reality.

We provide AppExchange Development Services to develop applications that can be deployed on App marketplace – AppExchange, implementing the complete process from development to security review to go live and support. We follow the best practices for development ensuring easy security review. We also help you follow up the process with Salesforce for uploading to appexchange and going live or if required completing the process on your behalf. Our best App Developers do take care of our customers even after go-live by providing Support and future enhancements.


Here are the steps we follow to take your idea to reality

  • Idea Analysis: We check your idea against existing Apps to ensure we are not creating something that already exists.
  • Scoping: We undergo detailed requirement sessions with you to understand what all items are needed in the App. Our extensive experience in Salesforce also helps us in differentiating between must have features vs nice to have and what features would make your app a winner.
  • Development: We follow best practices in terms of coding practices and security to ensure the security review with Salesforce is smooth later on. Development is also done considering lightning UI as well as classic UI.
  • Business Plan: This step can go in parallel with development. Salesforce will require you to submit a business plan which we will help you in completing.
  • Security Review: Once the app is ready and tested in house, we work with Salesforce to get the security review sign off from Salesforce
  • Go Live: